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Cureveda Combo - Pureprash 500gm( Pack of 2)

1 kg Family Pack Chyawanprash

Cureveda Combo - Pureprash 500gm( Pack of 2)

1 kg Family Pack Chyawanprash

Superior chyawanprash sweetened with Jaggery. Prepared absolutely fresh in small batch sizes for purity & high Vitamin C content. Contains no added sugar, artificial flavours or colours. Free of metal and harmful parabens. Safe for adults & kids.

Boost Immunity

Fight infections & allergies

For cough & cold

For common allergies

Useful in changing season

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Know About the Formulation

Cureveda Pureprash is a purely herbal, traditionally prepared Avleh made with Amla grown using sustainable farming practises. Amla or Indian Gooseberyy has one of the highest ORAC values. Cureveda Pureprash packed in an extra dose of amla so you get maximum benefits of Amla & Vitamin C and less of the sugar.

✓ Cureveda Pureprash is made traditionally with sustainably farmed Amla 

✓ Enriched with 29 botanical herbs of Chyawanprash.

✓Naturally sweetened with goodness of Jaggery. Zero artificial sugar.

✓ Cureveda Pureprash is a pure and paraben free formula which ensures taste in every spoonful. Maximum Amla and herbal goodness.

✓General wellness for family!

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High Vitamin C, High Immunity

Cureveda Pureprash

Paraben Free
Absolutely Fresh
No Added Sugar
Glass bottles
No Metals

Clean, Researched formulas

Our commitment to you goes beyond the ordinary. We design solutions with premium ingredients that your body deserves.

  • Sustainably farmed Amla

    Made traditionally with organic Amla which is sourced
    fresh every season for high nutritional value and higher Vitamin C.

  • Enriched with Kesar + 28 botanical herbs

    Certified Kashmiri Saffron is sourced to ensure added
    immunity & flavour in every spoonful.

  • Naturally sweetened with goodness of Jaggery

    Contains zero artificial sugar and is made with desi
    ghee for absolute purity & perfection in every spoonful!

  • Paraben free formula

    Contains no harmful preservatives or commonly used sodium
    benzoate which is cancer causing and commonly used in other Chyawanprash

  • Freshly Manufactured in Small Batch Sizes

    Small productions ensures that Chyawanprash is always fresh with its
    nutritional value intact and can be safely consumed by adults & children.














Anti Aging





Herbs for Health

Our herbal goodness promises better bioavailability and higher safety. We believe not only in symptomatic relief, but going to the root cause & delivering long lasting benefits.

safed musli

Chlorophytum borivilianum (Safed musli) does improve the serum testosterone level in a majority of volunteers in a trial dose, in comparison to the placebo.

(Rath SK, Panja AK. Clinical evaluation of root tubers of Shweta Musali (Chlorophytum borivilianum L.) and its effect on semen and testosterone. Ayu. 2013 Jul;34(3):273-5. doi: 10.4103/0974-8520.123118. PMID: 24501522; PMCID: PMC3902593.)

Long Papper

indian ginseng

This clinical study clearly demonstrated that people who took the ashwagandha root extract had an 88.5% greater probability of improving the total DISF-M sexual health function score. The ashwagandha root extract also increased their abilities to perform better in all the five DISF-M domains, such as sexual cognition, sexual arousal, sexual behavior, orgasm, and sexual desire.

Paulina Mikulska, Marta Malinowska, Miłosz Ignacyk, Paweł Szustowski, Joanna Nowak, Karolina Pesta, Monika Szeląg, Damian Szklanny, Eliza Judasz, Gabriela Kaczmarek, Ovinuchi Prince Ejiohuo, Magdalena Paczkowska-Walendowska, Anna Gościniak, Judyta Cielecka-Piontek, Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)—Current Research on the Health-Promoting Activities: A Narrative Review, Pharmaceutics, 10.3390/pharmaceutics15041057, 15, 4, (1057), (2023).



Tribulus and increases androgenic hormones like testosterone, tetrahydrotestesteron and dehydroepiandrosterone sulphate in the body and thus helps to enhance the vigor and vitality.

(Gauthaman, K., & Ganesan, A. P. (2008). The hormonal effects of Tribulus terrestris and its role in the management of male erectile dysfunction – an evaluation using primates, rabbit and rat. Phytomedicine, 15(1-2), 44–54.doi:10.1016/j.phymed.2007.11.011 )

Indian Gooseberry

Carefully Crafted Remedies
All our formulations are designed by doctors who understand the alchemy of herbs through experience, knowledge & benefit of our 100 year old legacy.
Weeks 1-3
Improvement in immunity, increased energy.
Weeks 4-6
Improvement in respiratory health, reduced allergies.
Weeks 7-9
Enhanced digestion, continued immune reinforcement, enhanced energy and stamina.
Weeks 10-12
Improved cognitive function, better stress management, improved stamina and vitality.

How To Use

Cureveda Pureprash can be had anytime of the year – and does not contain harmful ingredients which produce heat in the body. Enjoy the goodness of amla all year round!


1 to 2 teaspoonful twice a day.

Children below 10 years

Upto half teaspoon twice a day. Not recommended for children under the age of 2.

Frequently Bought Together


Put your doubts to rest, our formulation experts provide only the best.

I get sick often, can this product be helpful for me?

Cureveda Pureprash contains amla and 29 herbs well researched for immunity improving properties.

How long it will take to show results?

There can be interpersonal variations for results to show. However visible results may be seen within one month of usage.

For how long do I need to use this product?

The recommended duration is three months. But having Pureprash daily helps to prevent ailments caused by low immunity.

Do I need to follow any special diet while using this product?

Get adequate sleep, eat a diet high in fruits & vegetables, exercise regularly, avoid alcohol and smoking.

I am on allopathic medicines. Can I take Pureprash?

Yes. Pureprash is herbal product which have no interactions with allopathic medicines.

How is Pureprash different from market variants?

Pureprash is always fresh! Manufactured in small batch sizes for artisanal produce, Pureprash is sweetened with jaggary while market variants use artificial sweeteners, Pureprash does not contain artificial color and flavor, contains maximum amount of sustainably sourced amla, does not contain harmful sodium benzoate and is packed in 100% biodegradable leach free glass bottles.

What is the research on the product?

All the ingredients used in the products are well researched and documented by various bodies. We do not use any unresearched ingredients in our products.

Are there any side effects?

Cureveda Pureprash is a herbal product, the ingredients in research has shown to have no major side effects.

I am diabetic, can I have Cureveda Pureprash?

Pureprash contains Jaggery, please consult with your physician before use.

Customer Reviews

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Pramod Shettigar

Taste of amla very much, top quality and also glass bottle


Tasty and healthy supplement !! Boosts immunity and overall health.

aryan raj

Cureveda Combo - Pureprash 500gm( Pack of 2)

Kunjesh Joshi

Cureveda Combo - Pureprash 500gm( Pack of 2)

Deepak Negi
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