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“Cureveda envisions to be the global brand of choice for vegetarian, non-prescription healthcare remedies & revolutionary solutions for promoting general well-being.”

India’s large variety of herbs & spices have been documented in scriptures & scientific texts and recored in one of the oldest medical treatise in the world. It has 47,000 plant species, 30% of the organic producers in the world and is the 2nd largest exporter of herbal medicines. From this land of bio-diversity and abundance emerges Cureveda.

Our founders are committed to develop proudly Indian and globally relevant Carefully Crafted Remedies, using their combined industry experience of over 20 years at the leading international supplements brand Nature’s Bounty and the domestic herbal giant Baidyanath.

Similar to their backgrounds, our formulations amalgamate cutting-edge modern research in radical ingredients and ancient Indian wisdom of traditional herbs to create a gold standard products range for the discerning customer.


"Cureveda is focussed on delivering clinically validated, premium products for health conscious and socially conscientous customers. We prioritize research and use of beneficial actives avoiding harmful additives to create pure, honest formulas"

Cureveda formulations are manufactured in GMP & ISO certified facilities- are 100% vegetarian, non genetically modified, free of parabens, gluten, flavour, or colour. Our team of scientists, product managers and researchers are thought-leaders who work relentlessly to innovate formulas which prioritize purity and results.