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Cureveda Vision - Eye Health

Eye Supplement with Lutein

Formulation to nourish the eyes and enhance overall vision. Powered by Lutemax® 2020, a researched ingredient (standardized for Lutein and Zeaxanthin), derived from the Indian flower marigold and clinically proven to provide protection from high digitsl screen exposure and age-related macular degeneration.

Blue light digital guard

For eye strain

For watery eyes

Protects from retinal damage

For red eyes dryness fatigue

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Know About the Formulation

Eye health is a growing concern today owing to increased screen time & digital exposure. Common complaints include eye strain, dry & red eyes, eye irritation, and watery eyes. Cureveda Vision is a blend of plant based ingredients which help to nourish the eyes and support healthy vision. Designed to safeguard eyes from blue light, retinal damage & age related macular degeneration. Contains clinically proven ingredient Lutemax ® 2020 (standardized for Lutein and Zeaxanthin) which is derived from the Indian flower Marigold or gainda phool. Handpicked phyto-extracts, herbs & fruits are amalgamated to create a unique dosage format with high efficacy. Cureveda Vision is carefully crafted to make your herbal blends enjoyable and convenient to consume. Look forward to a delicious mouthful everyday
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Squeeze. Savour. Swallow.

Cureveda Vision

Tasty & Convenient
High Absorption
Clinically Proven
Precise Dosage
FDA Approved Formula

Clean, Researched formulas

Our commitment to you goes beyond the ordinary. We design solutions with premium ingredients that your body deserves.

  • Blue Light Protection:

    Lutemax® 2020 with Lutein and Zeaxanthin shields eyes,
    preventing damage from blue light emitted by screens and sunlight.

  • Macular Health Support:

    Lutemax® 2020's Lutein and Zeaxanthin aid macular health,
    lowering the risk of damage for overall eye wellness.

  • Improvement in Eye Sight:

    Lutein and Zeaxanthin enhance eyesight, addressing concerns
    like eye strain, dryness, redness, irritation, and watery eyes.

  • Natural Support for Holistic Eye Health:

    Carrot, Triphala, and Orange provide essential nutrients,
    promoting overall eye health.

  • Delicious and Convenient:

    Cureveda Vision, in single-use gel form, offers an enjoyable
    and convenient solution for eye care.














Anti Aging





Herbs for Health

Our herbal goodness promises better bioavailability and higher safety. We believe not only in symptomatic relief, but going to the root cause & delivering long lasting benefits.

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Filters blue light

Helps filter short wavelengths of visible blue light from sun & digital gadgets and helps stabilize the eye membrane to protect from age related macular degeneration.


Visual performance

Helps improve overall visual performance, retinal damage and helps protect vision from harmful levels of blue light.


Vitamin A

Provides beta-carotene, a type of Vitamin A which helps produce rhodopsin - a biological pigment protein in retina which is essential for vision. It also helps nourish & lubricate the eyes and supports stronger vision.



Contains antioxidants and is rich in Vitamin C which helps improve eye muscle & eyesight.


Vitamin C

Contains Vitamin C and flavonoids which help reduce macular degeneration and keep eyes healthy.

Blue Light Guard

Effectively shields the eyes from the damaging effects of blue light emitted by screens and sunlight. Lutemax® 2020, rich in Lutein and Zeaxanthin, provides robust protection from damage caused by prolonged digital exposure.

Watery Eyes Relief

Offers soothing relief for watery eyes, including discomfort associated with eye strain & fatigue. Through its blend of natural ingredients, including Lutemax® 2020, it hydrates the eye surface, alleviating irritation and reducing excessive tearing.

Blurred Vision

Promotes visual clarity and acuity to prevent blurred vision. This blend nourishes the eyes, enhances health, and aids in maintaining clear and sharp vision.


Do you find yourself glued to screens all day? Even your breaks are filled with endless screen time? It's time to switch to Cureveda Vision – an innovative eye care solution that nourishes your eyes naturally, protecting them from fatigue and digital strain!

Carefully Crafted Remedies
All our formulations are designed by doctors who understand the alchemy of herbs through experience, knowledge & benefit of our 100 year old legacy.
Weeks 1-3
Reduced eye strain and improved visual acuity.
Weeks 4-6
Enhanced protection against harmful blue light, supporting retina health.
Weeks 7-9
Alleviation of dry eyes, contributing to overall eye comfort.
Weeks 10-12
Sustained eye health, optimal protection against age-related macular degeneration.

How To Use

1 sachet daily for adults & children OR 2 sachets daily for adults with over 4 hours of screen time or as advised by the physician. Consume any time of day."


Cut sachet along the dotted line and squeeze entire contents directly into your mouth.


Savour the goodness of herbs. Opened sachet contents should not be saved for later use.


Swallow immediately. Do not eat or drink any food or beverage for the next 15 minutes

Frequently Bought Together


Put your doubts to rest, our formulation experts provide only the best.

I use digital gadgets with screen regularly. Is this product will be useful?

Cureveda Vision contains Lutemax® which provides lutein and zeaxanthin to protect eyes from blue light

How long it will take to show results?

There can be interpersonal variations for results to show. However visible results may be seen within one month of usage.

For how long I need to use this product?

The recommended duration is three months. But it can be extended until complete resolution of symptoms.

Do I need to follow any special diet while using this product?

Consume a diet rich in whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Exercise regularly & maintain healthy weight.

I am on allopathic medicines. Can I take Vision?

Yes. Vision is herbal product which have no interactions with allopathic medicines.

How is Cureveda Vision different?

Cureveda Vision contains Lutemax® to provide natural macular carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin along with carrot, triphala and orange to protect eyes from blue light damage as well as to provide nutrition for healthy vision. Cureveda vision comes in a unique health stick format where all ingredients are amalgamated to create a dosage format with more actives, in one delicious mouthful. Health sticks are carefully crafted to give you results with the added benefit of convenience.

What is the research on the product?

All the ingredients used in the products are well researched and documented by various bodies. We do not use any unresearched ingredients in our products.

Are there any side effects?

Cureveda Vision is a herbal products, the ingredients in research has shown to have no major side effects.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1953 reviews
Vishwas S
liked it

im taking daily, i have right eye problem, mean i can see but blurry blurry, doctor said that my right power is approx 3.8, on web i found cureveda eye product, i was very happy and i trust cureveda and i trust my right eye problem will be cured faster with cureveda eye liquid, i have one doubt can continue taking this forever and,,,..

i my another question is about heart elixer liquid
can i take this forever

Thank you cureveda for these products, god bless you all❤️

Debraj Banerjee
Vitamin A in a sachet.

This product by Cureveda is very essential for the eyes as it supplies all the imp nutrients required to carry out the normal functions of the eye. The price is also very economic and Cureveda even gifted me 1 extra box for free in their "Buy 1 Get 1" offer.

Very useful

Competition demands delicious (!) which is very possible hopefully

Aditya Joshi
Great results...reduces fatigu

Great results...reduces fatigue and feel fresh.

Rita Karnik
For watery eyes this is the be

For watery eyes this is the best product and also reduces irritation.