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Cureveda Essential

Plant-based multivitamins

Cureveda Essential

Plant-based multivitamins

Plant-based multivitamin carefully designed for unique needs of urban Indian men. Crafted with bioactive vitamins, high-quality minerals, and eco-friendly packaging, it prioritizes quality, absorption, and sustainability. Meeting the highest purity standards, it addresses common deficiencies and promotes overall well-being.

Daily nutrition

Energy boost

Muscle support

Stress support

Heart health

Immunity boost

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Know About the Formulation

A groundbreaking plant-based multivitamin reimagined for the unique needs of Indian men. Crafted with plant-derived, bioactive vitamins and minerals, this clean formula prioritizes quality and absorption for maximum benefits.
Cureveda Essential for men stands apart from others in the market by utilizing ingredients meeting the highest purity standards (IP, USP, or BP). Unlike common multivitamins that may use synthetic or low-grade ingredients, Cureveda Essential ensures safety and efficacy.
Carefully designed for urban Indians, the formula aligns with recommended dietary allowances, addressing common deficiencies and lifestyle factors. Packaged in non-leaching, eco-friendly glass bottles, it emphasizes sustainability and purity.
Everyday wellness is promoted through a combination of essential vitamins, minerals, and plant-derived Vitamins. Packed with specialized plant-based ingredients, this formula addresses men's specific requirements for comprehensive well-being.
Cureveda Essential takes a unique approach by omitting calcium and certain minerals, recognizing that calcium absorption can be hindered when taken alongside iron. Instead, it focuses on ingredients like boron, magnesium, and Vitamin K to promote calcium absorption and overall bone health.
Embrace a new era of multivitamins with Cureveda Essential for men – where less is more, and only the essentials are packed to promote men’s health, vitality and a balanced life.

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And the only multivitamin you need.

It's Essential.

Time For yourself
Healthy Sleep
Less Stress
Some Exercise
Daily Nutrition

Daily Essentials, Redefined

You're more than hair, skin, and nails. Build a stronger foundation for better health.

  • Everyday Wellness

    Combination of essential Vitamins, Minerals & Veg Vitamin D3
    derived from lichen promote well-being & bone health

  • Immunity Support

    Vitamin C from acerola cherries and Zinc Gluconate help to improve immune response

  • Heart Health

    Resveratrol , Vitamin K2 in the higher absorption form of Menaquinone
    – 7, and Magnesium helps to support healthy heart function.

  • Stamina & Stress Support

    Iron Bisglycinate- a gentle Iron and vitamin B9 in the most active
    form 5 methyltetrahydrofolate helps to improve energy

  • Muscle Health

    L-Lysine supports muscle health by improving
    muscle strength.














Anti Aging





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Vitamin D3

Found in Fish, Milk, and Fortified dairy products

We use Vitashine™, a Certified Vegan Vitamin D3 ingredient made from lichen rather than animal sources. Vitamin D3 also called as cholecalciferol gets converted to calcifediol (active form of Vitamin D) more efficiently than commonly used cheaper Vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol)

Boosts immunity

Helps body regulate calcium

Improves bone density

Vitamin K2

Found in Dairy, Fermented foods, and Animal products

We use Vitamin K2 in the form of Menaquinone-7 or MK-7 which has better absorption and bioavailability than the common forms Menatetrenone (MK-4) and Phylloquinone

Improves bone health

Prevents heart disease

Helps in healing wounds

Vitamin A

Found in Sweet potatos, Dark leafygreens, Carrots

We use Beta Carotene a natural readily absorbable form of Vitamin A derived from algae, unlike the commonly used synthetic retinol, retinyl acetate or retinol palmitate which are difficult to absorb by the body and are associated with toxic side effects

Promotes Healthy Vision

Supports immune system

Improves skin health

Vitamin C

Found in Lemon, Oranges, Amla, Cherries

We use natural, easy to absorb and highly bioavailable Vitamin C derived from Acerola cherry which is a natural, plant-based source, not the difficult to digest artificial forms

Promotes immune health

Improves blood flow

Improves nervous system health

Vitamin E

Found in Pistachios, Walnuts, Soy, Flaxseeds

We use soy free natural Vitamin E derived from sunflower seeds in the form of d-alpha Tocopherol which is the most biologically active from of Vitamin E unlike the commonly used synthetic forms d-alpha-tocopheryl acetate & d-alpha tocopheryl succinate

Improves skin health

Improves eyesight

Supports healthy immune function

Vitamin B7

Found in Walnuts, Peanuts, Cereals, Milk, Eggs

We use natural & readily absorbable form of Vitamin B7 or Biotin which is derived from herb sesbania unlike common synthetic variants available.

Improves skin and hair health

Supports healthy cholesterol level

Supports nervous system

Vitamin B9

Found in Dark green leafy vegetables, Beans, Fruits, Seafood,

We use 5 Methyltertahydrofolate which is most active and cell-identical form of folate and which gets absorbed by the body as such unlike the commonly used synthetic form folic acid which needs to get converted to 5- Methyltertahydrofolate through conversion process which is inefficient and slow.

Supports heart health

Improves cognitive functions

Reduces risk of congenital defects

Vitamin B2

Found in Eggs, Green vegetables, Dairy product, Meat

We use Vitamin B2 in the form of riboflavin-5-phosphate which is the active form of Vitamin B2 and gets readily utilized by the body unlike riboflavin which needs to get converted to riboflavin-5-phosphate to show its effect.

Improves energy

Supports liver health

Supports eye & skin health

Vitamin B3

Found in Grains, Dairy products, Fish, Meat

We use nicotinamide, the most active and readily absorbable form of Vitamin B3 which does not cause vascular side effects like most commonly used nicotinic acid

Improves cognition and neurological health

Improves mood

Supports enzyme secretion for better digestion

Vitamin B5

Found in cereals, Eggs, Dairy, Mushrooms

We use Vitamin B5 in the form of Calcium d- pantothenate which is more stable and active form as compared to Sodium d- pantothenate and d- pantothenol

Boosts blood synthesis

Improves digestive system

Helps body produce essential hormones

Vitamin B6

Found in Banana, Papaya, Sunflower seeds, Milk

We use Pyridoxal-5-phosphate a most active and readily usable form of Vitamin B6 unlike the commonly used cheaper form pyridoxine hydrochloride

Improves mood

Promotes brain health

Aids in haemoglobin production



Protects heart and circulatory system

Improves level of HDL cholesterol

Protects brain from antioxidant damage



Boosts immune system

Improves energy levels

Improves brain functions related to stress



Provides relief in anxiety

Improves muscle strength

Improves fat metabolism


Packed with only the choicest of Plant - based ingredients in precise dose to meet the specific needs of men for all round well-being. Less is more!

Carefully Crafted Remedies
All our formulations are designed by doctors who understand the alchemy of herbs through experience, knowledge & benefit of our 100 year old legacy.
Week 1
Energy boost, better sleep & improved digestions
Week 2
Healthier skin & nails
Month 1
Improved mental & heart health.
Month 3
Improved overall health & wellbeing

Two Tablets together, anytime of the day.

The One multivitamin you need. Cureveda Essential.


Energy boost, better sleep & improved digestions


Healthier skin & nails


Improved mental & heart health


Improved overall health & wellbeing

It's Clean. It's Superior. It's Essential.

Maximum Efficacy & Absorption

Cureveda Essential

Vitamins & Minerals come in many different forms which impacts their absorption . Cureveda Essential makes use of plant derived or most active vitamins which don’t need to be further converted to other forms and can be directly absorbed for maximum benefits.


Synthetic and low active forms of vitamins & minerals with poor absorption are commonly used.

Pure Pharma grade ingredients

Cureveda Essential

Ingredients are available by varying qualities in the market like lab grade, industrial grade & pharma grade. Cureveda Essential makes use of ingredients meeting IP (Indian Pharmacopoeia), USP (US Pharmacopoeia) or BP (British Pharmacopoia) standards only ensuring highest purity.


Most often lab grade or industrial grade ingredients are used in Indian multivitamins- which may contain toxins or heavy metals and can be more harmful than beneficial.

Precise as per Indian Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA)

Cureveda Essential

RDA is established by regulatory bodies based on factors like common deficiencies, lifestyle, eating habits. Cureveda Essential is carefully crafted especially for needs of urban Indians.


International dietary allowances vary from Indian ones! So next time you grab that foreign multivitamin – ask yourself if these nutrients are really what your body needs.

Pure, Green & Eco-friendly

Cureveda Essential

Packed in non-leaching, environment friendly glass bottles.


Commonly packed in PET or HDPE plastic containers which may have leaching and can contaminate the product.

Frequently Bought Together


You ask, We answer.

Does Cureveda Essential multivitamins contains tried and tested ingredients?

We procure our ingredients only from reliable suppliers who follows GMP guidelines. All ingredients are selected based on extensive research, Moreover every ingredient that goes into our formula has been tested and certificates of analysis are available for every batch of raw material used in the formula.

My tablets have changed color, is it normal?

Cureveda Essential multivitamins contain plant based and natural ingredients owing to which color of the tablets may vary.

How should I take Cureveda Essential multivitamins?

Take 2 tablets together any time of the day.

How soon will I start feeling effects?

Long term support for heart, brain and immunity are the most important aspects. While many people feel a difference within days after using Multivitamin, many don’t. It what is happening inside really matters. Water soluble nutrients tend to work faster while fat soluble nutrients takes their time to show effects. Collectively, reaching optimum equilibrium can take up to 3-4 months.

Are Cureveda Essential multivitamins Vegan?

Yes, Our Multivitamins are absolutely vegan friendly.

Does Cureveda Essential multivitamins contain Gluten, Soy, Dairy, Nuts and sugar?

Our multivitamins does not contain Gluten, Soy, Dairy, nuts and sugar.

Does Cureveda Essential multivitamins contain any Sugar

No. Our multivitamins does not contain any added sugar.

Does Cureveda Essential multivitamins contain any GMO?

No. We do not use any GMO ingredient in our multivitamins.

Is it normal that Cureveda Essential multivitamins have changed the color of my urine?

It is common to notice that your urine is a bright yellow /green colour when you start taking supplements. This is nothing to worry about and is totally normal. It is caused by the water-soluble vitamins and is a sign that your nutrients are being absorbed effectively!

I am on prescription medication. Can I take Cureveda Essential multivitamins?

It is always advisable to consult your physician before using any supplements, if you are on any prescription medications.

Can I use Cureveda Essential multivitamins if I am pregnant or breast feeding?

It is always advisable to consult your physician before using any supplement, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Customer Reviews

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Ujwal Kapur
Great results...must-have in m

Great results...must-have in my daily routine.

Iqbal Bir
This supplement boost immune s

This supplement boost immune system and give me more energy than before..I Love this supplement.

Anand Palan
I bought this product for my b

I bought this product for my brother, and he was super happy with great product.

Ajeet Bose
Healthy supplement and I am co

Healthy supplement and I am consuming daily.

Jagdish Bora
Really an amazing product.. lo

Really an amazing product.. loved it!!