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Cureveda Pro Plant Protein

100% Vegan Protein Isolate

Cureveda Pro Plant Protein

100% Vegan Protein Isolate

Provides 20gms of certified plant protein isolate from European peas, brown rice, and quinoa to offer a complete amino acid profile. Infused with SUPERSEEDS like flax & moringa, SUPERBERRIES like blueberry & acai for antioxidants, and the luxurious SUPERFOOD Blue Spirulina for super-3 performance. Taste the richness of real ingredients in every mouthful! Our dairy free protein ensures no bloating, gas or belching. A clean protein blend with no preservatives.

Immunity boost

Muscle building

All round nutrition

Body toning

Energy support

Antioxidant boost

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Superfood Plant Protein

Cureveda Pro Plant Protein – a clean, vegan powerhouse designed to supercharge your day. This revolutionary blend combines the goodness of pea, rice, and quinoa proteins, providing a complete amino acid profile for everyday protein needs.


Super-3 : Super-foods, Super-seeds, Super-berries

Cureveda Pro not only delivers 20g of plant protein but also incorporates superseeds, superberrries, and superfood, creating a holistic blend for muscle growth, recovery, and body toning. It aids in repairing damaged muscles, speeds up recovery, and boosts metabolism for effective fat burning and muscle toning. You can literally taste the richness of berries in every mouthful - all natural, with no added berry flavour!


First Plant Protein with Blue Spirulina in India :

Always at the cutting edge of research and in search of the best ingredients, Cureveda Pro if infused with the brilliance of Blue Spirulina, a luxurious and vibrant natural antioxidant superfood Cureveda Pro goes beyond the ordinary. Blue Spirulina, derived from algae, boasts phycocyanin, offering pain-relief, anti-inflammatory benefits, and unparalleled immunity support without the fishy aftertaste or toxicity associated with regular spirulina.


Certified, Clean Plant Protein

Unlike whey, a by-product of milk production, Cureveda Pro is dairy-free, easy to digest, and free from artificial chemicals and flavors. With a mind-blowing taste and the convenience of being easily dissolvable in shakes, smoothies, or even water, it's a natural and efficient way to meet daily protein needs. 

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Super 3 Plant Protein with only what matters.

Cureveda Pro

Build Muscle & strength
Immunity & Energy
Post exercise nourishment
Clean & Vegan
Daily 20 g plant protein

It’s Clean. It’s Evolved. It’s Delicious.

.8 gm of protein is recommended per 1kg of body weight. Vegetarians are especially deficient. Cureveda Pro is absolutely natural and does not have any synthetic vitamins or minerals.

  • 20 g plant protein

    Clean vegan protein from pea, brown rice and quinoa protein containing all
    nine essential amino acids for everyday protein needs.

  • Strength & Immunity

    Unique protein blend, along with Blue Spirulina to deliver higher protein,
    fight inflammation, aid in recovery and build immunity.

  • Muscle Growth

    Easily absorbable amino acids with combination of superseeds, superberrries,
    and superfood to provides all essential nutrients for muscle development.

  • Recovery & Strength

    Repairs damaged muscles and tissues to speed up recovery from soreness
    post exercise and build energy & strength.

  • Body Toning

    Plant protein and fibre to boost metabolism and to help burn calories to tone
    muscles while shedding fat.











Body Toning

Herbs for Health

Our herbal goodness promises better bioavailability and higher safety. We believe not only in symptomatic relief, but going to the root cause & delivering long lasting benefits.

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Pea Protein Isolate

(Muscle, Heart, Blood)

 Helps to build muscle mass  Helps to reduce cholesterol  Rich source of iron

Rice Protein Isolate

(Muscle, Blood Sugar, Digestion)

 Helps to improve muscle strength  Helps to reduce spikes in blood sugar  Gets digested & absorbs faster than other protein


(Muscle, Blood, Heart)

 Provides all essential amino acids to support muscle recovery  Provides essential nutrients like iron and magnesium  Improves triglyceride levels

Moringa Seed

(Nutrition, Liver, Bones)

 Rich in many essential vitamins and minerals  Provides protection to liver  Contains calcium and provides healthier bones


(Digestion,Heart, Brain)

 Rich in dietary fibre to support digestion  Rich in omega-3 to support healthy heart and brain functions  Helps to control blood pressure

Sunflower Seed

(Detox, Skin, Energy)

 Helps to flush out toxins  Helps to improve skin glow  Rich in Vit B1 to support energy

Blue Spirulina

(immunity, Allergies, Heart)

 Boosts immunity by providing essential nutrients  Helps to reduce severity of allergies and symptoms  Boosts heart health by reducing LDL and increasing HDL



Protein rich with all 9 amino acids

Supports immunity & energy

Anti-inflammatory for recovery



Daily Omega rich nourishment

High-fibre for better digestion

Essential Vitamins & minerals



Promote skin health

Natural detoxifiers

Support normal immune function


Supercharge your day with vegan protein packed with high nutritional value & immunity support. Three super clean blends that provide only what your body needs.

Protein Crafted for Active Lifestyle
Your fitness journey is unique, but protein remains essential. Inadequate intake can lead to fatigue and muscle loss, slowing progress. Cureveda Pro ensures you meet your protein needs, no matter your lifestyle or goals.
Month 1
Increased energy and enhanced muscle functions
Month 2
Improved stamina & enhanced muscle recovery
Month 3
Significant muscle growth & development
Month 4
Better physique and overall sense of wellbeing

How To Use

One scoop, anytime of the day. 20 g of clean plant protein per serving.


Blend 33gm (1 scoop) in 250ml of water,milk or your favourite smoothie.


Shake, stir or blend until fully dissolved


Consume post-workout or any time of day.

Bust the Myths. Believe in Plant-based.



Essential amino acids are deemed “essential” because they are not synthesized in the body, we must get them from our diet.

Cureveda Pro contains protein from three different sources (pea, rice and quinoa) to create a complete protein because one makes up for what the other is lacking and vice versa. In fact, because Cureveda Pro contains more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and is easy to digest, body actually make better use out of it.



Whey is a by-product of milk production and is a highly-processed commodity. Whey protein on its own has a very sour or acidic taste to it. In order to mask that taste, manufacturers add artificial chemicals, flavours and sweeteners. Not such a natural process! Moreover whey protein is difficult to digest leading to bloating, diarrhea, and flatulence.

Cureveda Pro contains a digestive blend along with berries, essential seeds and superfood to stay natural and easy on the tummy!



Protein is the building-block of muscles in the body and is needed by everyone – not just gym-goers. Excluding water, muscles are composed of about 80% protein! The general recommended protein intake is .8 g for every kg of body weight. For vegetarians and people with specific body goals, it is difficult to meet this nutrition through diet alone.

Cureveda Pro can be easily combined in shakes, breakfast smoothies, water or milk – dissolves easily and has no after-taste!

Frequently Bought Together


You ask, We answer.

How does protein affect the body when exercising?

Protein and carbohydrates are generally considered as the two central building blocks for sport nutrition; carbohydrates providing fuel and energy for exercise, and protein as the body’s main source for muscle recovery. But this is not its only purpose, protein is also used as a rich source of nutrients, used both during and after exercise. This helps in the formation of bones and connective tissues that support muscles used when working out, as well as transporting nutrients and waste around the body. Protein can also serve as a source of energy during workouts when carbohydrates and fat stores have been used, a rather handy pre-workout snack.

How much protein to include in a diet?

Exercise goals, exercise regimes and individual bodies differ, yet the general amount of protein recommended in a diet is around 0.8g per kg of body weight. Not eating enough protein can have some negative effects; fatigue and the burning of existing muscle can happen if you’re not eating enough protein.

How plant protein is better than animal protein?

The body doesn't care how you get protein, whether it's from plant-based protein or animal-based sources like whey, it still needs to be broken down into smaller chains of amino acids that in turn can be utilized for building and repairing muscle.In fact, because plant proteins usually contain more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and are easy to digest, body actually make better use out of a plant-based protein powder.

Is protein only used for muscle development?

A lot of people think that protein is only used for muscle growth and repair, however it can provide a lot of other benefits, such as refueling your stores of nutrients and amino acids which have been lost during exercise. Other functions include helping the body’s functions within cells, transferring different elements around the body and providing an alternative fuel to carb and fat stores. Even if muscle gain and growth isn't the key aim to your sport, protein is still an important feature and is needed within every diet.

Can I have these blends in hot beverages?

Vegan Pro can be taken with hot or cold beverages.

When should Cureveda Pro be eaten?

Around 30-60 minutes following exercise is the best time to consume Cureveda Pro as the body is able to begin recovery more quickly, repairing the muscles making them larger and stronger.

Is cureveda Pro Vegan?

Yes, Cureveda Pro is absolutely vegan friendly.

Does Cureveda Pro contain Gluten, Soy, Dairy, Nuts and sugar?

No. Cureveda Pro does not contain Gluten, Soy, Dairy, nuts and sugar.

Does Cureveda Cureveda Pro contain any Sugar?

No. Cureveda pro does not contain any added sugar. It is sweetened with low calorie sweetener –Sucralose.

I am on prescription medication. Can I take Cureveda Pro?

It is always advisable to consult your physician before using any supplements, if you are on any prescription medications.

Can I use Cureveda Pro if I am pregnant or breast feeding?

It is always advisable to consult your physician before using any supplement, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Customer Reviews

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Shilpa Ray
Too sweet

Please bring out the non sweetner plant protein powder. We dont prefer Sucralose and the taste of stevia and monk fruit is horrible. its better that consumer adds their own preferred sweetner

Jitendra jeet singh

Cureveda Pro Plant Protein

Ikdeep Singh

Excellent taste, no problem with digestion and finding good results

Akshith Reddy

Its ok

Anvita Dixit

Cureveda Pro Plant Protein