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Cureveda Gluco guide

Helps regularize blood sugar naturally

Cureveda Gluco guide

Helps regularize blood sugar naturally

A triple superherb solution featuring Gymnema, Karela, and Jamun, expertly crafted to naturally regulate blood sugar levels and provide relief from symptoms associated with blood sugar imbalance.

Blood glucose control

Stimulate pancreas for insulin activity

Stamina energy

Reduces fatigue

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Know About the Formulation

World Health Organization says over 8.7% of the total population of India in the age group of 20 and 70 years is suffering from diabetes and pre-diabetes. Diabetics have high glucose level in blood due to low or no insulin production. Having too much glucose in blood can damage eyes, kidneys, nerves and also cause heart disease. Cureveda Gluco Guide is a clinically proven herbal treatment for diabetes – contains Bitter Gourd, Gymnema & Jamun which help to regulate blood sugar level naturally. Gymnema and Jamun Been help to maintain stamina & energy and provide relief from frequent urination, pain in legs, numbness, increased thirst & weak eyesight. Bitter Gourd (Karela) & Methi help to tone up natural metabolism. Amla and Chirayta exert anti-oxidant action and help to protect the pancreas from damage.

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Formulated by Doctors

Cureveda Gluco Guide

Precise Dosage
Clinically Proven
Safe for long term use
No side effects
FDA Approved Formula

Herbs for Health

Our herbal goodness promises better bioavailability and higher safety. We believe not only in symptomatic relief, but going to the root cause & delivering long lasting benefits.

Bitter Gourd




Indian Blueberry


Carefully Crafted Remedies
All our formulations are designed by doctors who understand the alchemy of herbs through experience, knowledge & benefit of our 100 year old legacy.
Weeks 1-3
Stabilized glucose levels and subtle improvements in energy.
Weeks 4-6
Ongoing glucose control, stabilized energy. Reduced sugar cravings and improved overall well-being.
Weeks 7-9
Enhanced blood sugar management, increased vitality. Improved insulin sensitivity and sustained well-being.
Weeks 10-12
Sustained blood sugar control, better energy levels

How To Use

Take 1 tablet twice a day with water, 15 minutes before lunch & dinner, as an adjuvant to oral hypoglycemics or as advised by the physician.


Cureveda Gluco Guide shows best results with regular use. Exercise regularly, maintain healthy weight.


Avoid fried and processed food.


Put your doubts to rest, our formulation experts provide only the best.

I am suffering from Diabetes, can this product be helpful for me?

This product is intended for borderline diabetics, or diabetics or people on oral hypoglycemics for symptomatic relief and support for blood sugar levels.

How long it will take to show results?

There can be interpersonal variations for results to show. However visible results in symptomatic relief may be seen within one month of usage.

For how long do I need to use this product?

The recommended duration is three months. We recommend that you check the parameters after 1 month, 2 months and 3 months to see the difference and adjust the dose of you allopathic medication.

Do I need to follow any special diet while using this product?

Exercise regularly, maintain healthy weight, avoid fried and processed food.

I am on allopathic medicines. Can I take Gluco Guide?

Yes. Gluco Guide is a herbal product which has no interactions with allopathic medicines and is recommended and clinically studied as adjuvant therapy to hypoglycemics.

How is Gluco Guide different from market variants?

This is a clinically trialed and validated product. Pls check CTRI details on :Karela or Bitter Gourd and Gymnema are the leading ingredients in Gluco Guide which contains active ingredient –Bitters and gymnemic acid respectively. Bitter Gourd is standardized to 8% bitters and 25% Gymnemic acid.

What is the research on the product?

This product is clinically trialed, tested and proven. Please read entire research report here:All the ingredients used in the products are well researched and documented by various bodies. We do not use any unresearched ingredients in our products.

Are there any side effects?

Cureveda Gluco Guide is a herbal product, the ingredients in research has shown to have no major side effects or adverse events. Herbal ingredients have better bioavailability (absorption) and are easily accepted by the body then synthetic formulas.

Customer Reviews

Based on 265 reviews
Chitranjan Mishra
I feel much improvement after

I feel much improvement after using the tablet regularly...happy with the purchase.

Wahid D
Nice and effective medicine fo

Nice and effective medicine for me.

Gajendra Wason
Good product...it works.

Good product...it works.

Shashank Rege
Good results...I will purchase

Good results...I will purchase again.

Alex Raman
Loved this product. My parents

Loved this product. My parents taking this supplement daily and it maintains my blood sugar level.