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Cureveda Combo - GLOW & YOUTH: Complete Skin Nutrition

Complete Skin Nutrition

Complete solution for delaying fine lines & wrinkles and maintaining skin glow. Glow provides 10gm veg protein, clears complexion, pigmentation and mild acne. Youth helps to rejuvenate the skin, improve elasticity, provide antioxidants, and detox.
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Put your doubts to rest, our formulation experts provide only the best.

By what age should I start having Glow and Youth?

After the age of 20, a person produces 1 percent less collagen in the skin each year. It is better to begin early with a collagen builder i.e Cureveda Glow to decelerate this rate. Additionally, increasing pollution, unhealthy lifestyle, stress, prolonged exposure to sun, all cause dull, dry and rough skin.Cureveda Youth is recommended for slightly more mature men & women, preferably over the age of 26 who are looking at all round skin & gut nutrition to reverse the effects of ageing on skin, maintain general well-being, detox, pack antioxidants & rejuvenate the skin.

In how much time will I start seeing results? For how long should I continue having it?

Our entire range is in pack sizes that starts showing you preliminary results by the end of the first pack.However, for best and long lasting results you're recommended to continue for 3 months or include as a part of your daily nutrition.

I'm already having collagen, should I have Cureveda Glow? Should I stop having collagen?

Cureveda glow helps to improve endogenous collagen production in the body. It is always better to improve natural collagen synthesis in the body rather than collagen supplements as endogenous collagen works very efficiently to keep skin looking plump and glowing.

How long with the Glow, Youth and Grow pack last me?

A pack of Glow will last around 20 days while Youth & Grow will last a month. Please don't reduce the dose as results will be delayed.

Can I have these blends in hot beverages?

Herbs interact very differently in hot mediums. Hence you're recommended to consume with cold or room temperature beverages only.

Does Cureveda Glow work on acne? Does Glow work on acne scars?

Cureveda Grow contains Biotin which helps to prevent hair loss, Lycopene in Cureveda Grow helps to delay the premature hair greying. However, growth of new hair varies from person to person.

Are these blends weight gainers or meal replacements?

All 3 Cureveda blends have under 100 calories per serving and no added sugar. So these products don’t increase weight and because of low calorific nature cannot be used as meal replacement also.

I am a male, can I have these products?

Definitely Yes. Like women, Men also suffer from skin problems and hair problems. All our products have been designed to improve skin health, youthfulness and hair nutrition in men and women.

Is this product vegan? Is this product vegetarian? Is this product gluten free?

Cureveda Glow, Grow & Youth are vegetarian plant-based, gluten free formulas.Pearl powder being vegan / non-vegan is subjective. If you consider honey to be vegan then pearl powder would be vegan for you.

Can I combine Cureveda Glow, Youth or Grow? How do I consume them if I’m taking them together?

Yes, these products are formulated keeping in mind that they can be combined. Glow can be taken after breakfast, Glow in afternoon and Youth in evening or after dinner.

Can pregnant and lactating women have Glow?

Pregnant and lactating women need to consult their physician before use.

Are there any side effects?

Our entire range is plant based, the ingredients in research has shown to have no major side effects.

The blends taste sweet to me, do they have sugar?

Cureveda Glow, Grow and Youth contains Stevia a herbal sweetener, and no added sugar.

How are the taste and flavours of these products?

Cureveda Glow comes in rose sandalwood flavour, Cureveda Youth in chocolate flavour and Grow does not contain any flavour but tastes sweet and sour. The flavours are nature identical – we don’t use any artificial colour or flavour in our range. Please note that all these products contains herbs in large proportions for the desired benefits so, it may taste like raw herbs a bit, but regular usage will make a person accustomed to the taste.

Customer Reviews

Based on 360 reviews
Sweta Singhal
This is one of the best skin c

This is one of the best skin care product...great results.

Narmada Deep
Actually saw the difference in

Actually saw the difference in my skin. Its a good product in this price range.

Kim Golla
To maintain skin glow and for

To maintain skin glow and for anti-aging this is effective and affordable combo pack...must try

Ankita Muni
Seen visible results...No side

Seen visible results...No side-effects...Give it a try.

Bimla Sampath
It reduces my acne problem and

It reduces my acne problem and improves skin elasticity and delay wrinkles, fine lines...I am happy with the purchase.