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Article: Osteoporosis | Osteoporosis Supplements | Bone Health

Osteoporosis  | Osteoporosis Supplements | Bone Health



Dr. Veena (Ayurvedic Physician)

Osteoporosis is a condition that especially affects older women and is characterized by a decrease in bone mass, bone density, and enlargement of bone spaces, resulting in porosity and fragility.

It can be referred to as a "silent disease" because there are no symptoms in the early stages, but it can cause severe bone pain later on.


  • Calcium deficiency
  • Too much exercise
  • Overactive parathyroid and adrenal glands
  • Prolonged sitting
  • Eating disorders or anorexia
  • Menopausal condition in women
  • Decrease in estrogen levels
  • Family history of osteoporosis
  • Thin build
  • Smoking
  • Decrease in estrogen levels


  • Spontaneous fractures, especially in vertebrae
  • Normal total calcium count, but decreased serum ionic calcium
  • Joint pain
  • Back pain due to collapsed vertebrae
  • Fractures occurring without injury
  • Loss of height
  • Pain anywhere in the spine, often caused by compression fractures
  • Painful proximal muscle weakness
  • Decreased bone density
  • Increased serum alkaline phosphatase
  • Muscle atrophy
  • Common fractures in osteoporosis: hip, spine, upper arm, and wrist

Natural Home Remedies:

  • Nachani pith(Ragi powder) is the richest source of calcium. It is a cereal. Take the biscuits of this.
  • Drink orange and Amla juice daily as orange and Amla are Antioxidant in nature and contain Vit. C.
  • Vitamin K is essential because it activates protein ( osteocalcin) which helps to bind calcium molecules more firmly in the bones. So eat food rich in Vitamin K - Spinach, mustard greens, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts.
  • Protein gives bone its strength and flexibility. Protein is a big component of muscles. Protein foods -- meat, fish, cheese, tofu, beans, lentils, yogurt, nuts, and seeds.
  • Sunbathing in the morning hours is advisable.
  • Consume 1 teaspoon of sesame seeds (Seasamum indicum) daily with water.
  • Eat broccoli, dried figs and almonds.
  • Increase the intake of fish (mackerels), and cod liver oil.
  • Take Soy milk, soy beans soy crisps
  • Limit the salt intake
  • The intake of milk( low fat), curd (low fat) , cheese is advisable
  • Salmon and sardines are rich in calcium
  • Herbs which contain Phytoestrogen are advisable. So take The powder of Asparagus racemosus ( Shatavari) 1 teaspoon twice daily with milk. If the herbal powder is not available, then take the herbal supplements.
  • Take pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, brown rice, flaxseed, peanuts, and raisins.
  • Pharmacopoeal  Ayurvedic Products,   Shankha( Conch) Bhasma, Mukta(pearl) pishti/Muktashakti pishti, Mukta bhasma(pearl), Prawal(coral)pishti/bhasma should be taken in proper doses to treat calcium deficiency.
  • Kukkutandtwak Bhasma ( Eggshell-Bhasma) is also rich in Calcium.
  • The more important thing is that the above preparations do not produce side effects like abdominal discomfort, acidity, and glasses.
  • (These Bhasmas/Pistis should be prepared as per the method given in ancient Ayurvedic Texts and should pass all the parameters given in Ayurvedic texts). If aforesaid Bhasma is not available, then take the herbal supplement, containing all these bhasmas and pishtis.
  • The Granthokta preparations like Mahayograj guggulu, Vatchintamani Ras Brihat along with above Bhasma and Pishti preparations are advisable.
  • Spirulina with black pepper and Indian gooseberry is also advisable.
  • Soya protein contains phytoestrogen, so intake of this is advisable but breast cancer patients should not take this.


  • Restrict intake of tea and coffee
  • Avoid chocolates (contain oxalates)
  • Avoid fatty foods
  • Avoid salty snacks like potato chips
  • Avoid smoking
  • Avoid stressful conditions

Always consult a doctor or Ayurvedic physician before trying any of the mentioned remedies.