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Article: The Power Trio: Ayurvedic Oils for Hair, Scalp, and Minds

The Power Trio: Ayurvedic Oils for Hair, Scalp, and Minds

The Power Trio: Ayurvedic Oils for Hair, Scalp, and Mind.

Reviewed By: Shailendra Chaubey

BAMS, Ayurvedic Practitioner

Published: April 3 2024

Updated: April 3 2024

Looking to grow your hair long, healthy, and shining? then you must try ayurvedic oils for hair. For many years, Ayurveda has offered numerous hair oils that strengthen the hair and complement growth.


Applying hair oil at regular intervals will promote hair nourishment and enhance the overall hair quality. Moreover, it also relieves headaches, keeps you calm, and improves the sleep cycle. Right before you go to bed, you should oil your hair and scalp. It will prevent several hair problems like premature greying and split ends.

But what kind of oil should you use? How much to apply and how often? Does too much oil damage your hair? Let’s see how applying Ayurvedic hair oils to the root, scalp, and hair strands can actually benefit your hair exponentially. 

The Essence of Ayurvedic Hair Oils

Ayurvedic Hair Oils, like the ones curated at Kesh King, offer the essence of holistic hair care straight from the deep-rooted traditions in Indian Culture. It is believed that these oils are not mere cosmetics but a harmonious balance within mind, body, and spirit by promoting overall well-being.

A. Tradition and Natural Hair Care Ways


Since ancient times, Ayurveda has provided products for human well-being. The tradition of using ayurvedic oil for natural hair care symbolises the beauty of nature. All these oils are made using different botanical wonders that have been passed down for generations.


B. Hair Nourishment Beyond the Surface

Unlike conventional hair oils, which are just superficial cosmetics, Ayurvedic hair oils provide hair nourishment at a deeper level. These oils not only surface but reach the hair root and establish the foundation of hair vitality.

The Ingredients that make a difference

Straight from the heart of Ayurveda, the ingredients used in these oils depict botanical wisdom, hair wellness, and centuries-old expertise. You will find certain elements that signify and contribute to the holistic approach that Ayurveda uses.

A. Brahmi for Hair- The Brain Booster

Brahmi plant
Brahmi, an element extracted from Bacopa Monnieri, is a widely used ingredient in Ayurvedic hair care products. Along with cognitive benefits, it is also a natural brain booster that nourishes the scalp and roots. On the top is this, It also prompts hair growth and mental well-being.

B. Bhringraj for Hair- The Hair Rejuvenator

Bhringraj plant

Commonly known as the ‘king of herbs’ in Ayurvedic science, Bhringraj acts like a hair rejuvenator. It is quite rich in nutrients that multiply your hair follicles and prevent split ends and breakages. Its cooling property prevents other issues like scalp irritation and dandruff as well.

C. Amla For Hair - The Vitamin C Boost


Amla is also known as Indian Gooseberry. It is one of the primarily used ingredients in every Indian household. Its richness in Vitamin C makes it a perfect antioxidant-rich fruit that fosters collagen production, which is necessary for your hair’s elasticity and resilience.

The Ritual for Application

To take complete benefit of Ayurvedic oils for hair, it is necessary to follow certain techniques while you apply them. It will not only provide a therapeutic effect but also rejuvenate the soul and mind. 

While applying oil, section your hair and softly massage the oil into the scalp, promoting natural hair care. Ensure that you apply oil from the scalp to the strands, focusing on the split ends. After application with your fingers, allow it to penetrate for at least 30 minutes. Make this a ritual for holistic self-care that creates a synergy between inner tranquillity and outer beauty. 

Choosing the Right Ayurvedic Hair Oil

Kesh King Ayurvedic Hair Oil

Selecting the ideal ayurvedic oil among all oils for the scalp and hair can be sometimes difficult as a lot of options are available. Kesh King Ayurvedic hair oil, prepared from the goodness of 21 rare herbs, is trusted as India’s No. 1 Hairfall Expert by millions of people. This exceptional product does not only nurture your hair but also provides sustained natural hair care

Further, our Ayurvedic Hair oil utilises a unique formula specifically crafted to address daunting hair conditions. The infusion of some of the best ayurvedic herbs like Amla, Brahmi, and Bhringraj ensures a holistic approach to nurturing your hair from roots to tips.


Utilising Kesh King Ayurvedic hair oil, among various ayurvedic and organic hair oils, for your scalp, mind, and hair is more than just hair care. It's the complete journey towards holistic well-being. All these oils provide a natural variety to make your hair long and healthy. 

Applying this oil regularly can improve your sleep cycle, reduce stress, and keep you away from headaches. The 21 rare and potent ingredients complement each other and work together to make your hair look shiny and ever-lasting. 

Ayurvedic Hair oil is not just what you apply to your hair but also an opportunity to embrace the revered Indian traditions and wisdom.